Jay Gould versus the Knights of Labor

March 23, 2013 in American History

Variance Part 2 – Scene 1 (mp3)

At Labored Variance an historical drama by F L Light

In three forcible disruptions, first in April 1885 and last in March-April 1886, the Knights of Labor assailed locomotive operations or stopped work on railroads which were controlled directly or influentially by Jay Gould. Though both Terence Powderly, the chief executive of the Knights, and Gould decried the strikes, they could not easily resolve their labored variance. This play is one of the Gouldium, a series of dramas on the life and times of Jay Gould.

Much of the material of this drama came from the Congressional Investigation in April 1886.

On March 25th this drama will be offered in performance on Audible.com


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